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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45600482
Closing Date 29 - Oct - 2021  |  33 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of boat spares - long block, mounting, oil pressure sensor, button, turbo charger, v-ribbed belt, belt tensioner, belt tensioner, fuel hose, fuel hose, o ring, hex socket screw, expansion tank, hollow screw, wear kit, oiil pipe.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45647986
Closing Date 21 - Oct - 2021  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of solenoid em6290b-xp52736400001, o ring em6290b-700429076000, thermocouple em6290b-0005356660, snap ring 32x1.5 din 471 em6290b-000471032000, plug in board cob2-02 em6290b-5045307297, gasket em6290b-5602030280, pressure gauge 0-6 bar em6290b-0015361812, plug-in board em6290b-5045307892, ring sealing (crank case) a24x29 em6290b-007603024106, o ring em6290b-700429055001, washer a cop em6290b-007603048101, snap ring 48x1.75 din 472 em6290b-000472048000, ring sealing a52x60 em6290b-007603052101, sealing ring em6290b-007603064100, plug-in module mpu23-03 em6290b-5295308212/s0001, microswitch em6290b-635-h22-706/2, plug-in-board aib 1-02 em6290b-5295309312-78, o ring 39.2x3 em6290b-700429039000, ring sealing (crank case) a38x44 em6290b-007603038101, grommet 22 em6290b-700327022000, ring sealing (crank case) a16x20 em6290b-007603016105, grommet 6 em6290b-700327006000, fresh water pump assembly(complete) em6290b-5552000801, washer a cop em6290b-7603016105, ring sealing (crank case) a30x36 em6290b-007603030101, actuator vlv em6290b-x00041391, o ring em6290b-700429040000, o ring 260 x 3 mmn 429 em6290b-700429260001, 'o' ring em6290b-700429130003, washer a cop em6290b-7603010110, ring sealing a17x21 em6290b-007603017102, sealing ring a 56 x 64 din 7603 em6290b-007603056100, washer a cop em6290b-7603030101, snap ring em6290b-x52403700066, grommet em6290b-700327028000, clamp em6290b-900288260000, insert (crank case breather) em6290b-5410100080, link em6290b-x52408100002, o ring em6290b-700429135000, seal oil 48x72x8 mnn386 em6290b-700386048001, shaft em6290b-5261420629, intercooler rightside em6290b-e5260981220, washer em6290b-x00010428, paper pack centrifugal spinner filter em6290b-8591840001, con.rod brg.upper half em6290b-5240384110, temperature sensor em6290b-x00e50201372, temperature sensor pt1000 em6290b-0005356430, signal lamp em6290b-0015360601, mcu 1-04 computer em6290b-5005385870-77, display dis 10-01(5105381275/s0004) em6290b-5105384575-s0005, speed transmitter dm52 em6290b-5205304069, blocking ring em6290b-0015343901, pressure sensor +/- 70m bar em6290b-0035352231, plug-in board dib 2-01 em6290b-5275308912-76, conversion kit f/series 4000 (5205304531) em6290b-8695300131, battery d=25.4x7.7/3v em6290b-0005325752, fuse 4a fk2 em6290b-0015319086, diode for relay em6290b-0035311960, fuse 30a fk2 em6290b-0015318486, fuse 3a fk2 em6290b-0015318986, plug-in board sab 1-03(5295308912) em6290b-x00018258, plug-in board em6290b-5295306812-s0003, grommet em6290b-700327008000, ring sealing em6290b-007603022102, hex nut em6290b-000934010007, ring sealing a12x15.5 em6290b-007603012111, ring sealing a18x22 em6290b-007603018101, ring sealing a26x31 em6290b-007603026104, o ring em6290b-700429042000, sleeve rubber em6290b-700327015000, screw driver torx 10 em6290b-0015387930, o ring em6290b-700429041000, o ring em6290b-700429020003, gasket em6290b-xp58420400009, pressure sensor 10bar em6290b-0035352531, terminal block 2x3 pole em6290b-0065312481, plug in board cib 3-10 em6290b-5045307497, fuse em6290b-001-531-76-86, speed transmitter_0001539620 em6290b-0001539620, plug-in board em6290b-5295308712, rotary seal em6290b-x00026765, o-ring em6290b-700429038002, gasket cyl.hd.forsetw5 em6290b-5240980680, sealing ring em6290b-8699970483, o ring em6290b-700429028005, exh pipe bellows em6290b-0001400182, o-ring em6290b-700429122001, o ring 26 x 2.5 mmn 294 em6290b-700429025001, fuel filter em6290b-x00012879, contam indicator em6290b-0000943268, oil filter (element) em6290b-0031845301, air filter em6290b-0180943002, plate em6290b-0002033346, crankshaft brg.driving end(ks) em6290b-5240332730, o - ring em6290b-700429048000, o-ring em6290b-700429200002, rotary seal em6290b-0012010119, o ring em6290b-735221011000, brg.bushing em6290b-x00016599, cylinder head complete em6290b-5240105720, o-ring 60x4 for set w5 em6290b-700429060002, repair kit em6290b-8495860032, seal oil em6290b-700386050002, crank shaft brg for set w6 em6290b-5240332630, fuse em6290b-0005316486, relay em6290b-0005313560, exhaust turbocharger em6290b-5110209009, crank shaft bearing set b11 em6290b-5240336602, washer a 16 em6290b-002093016100, washer a em6290b-007603027101, intercooler cooler charge air a-bank lb em6290b-e5260981120, ring seal em6290b-0239978348, gasket em6290b-5501871180, o-ring for set w5 em6290b-700429095004, "o" ring em6290b-700429012002, nipple em6290b-0009973375, sealing ring em6290b-007603026101, spacer sleeve em6290b-5272010153, washer em6290b-5110251976, cover for solars em6290b-x00040625, ring sealing em6290b-0002034480, ring snap em6290b-5119940041, safety valve em6290b-0000180729, valve em6290b-8691700027, washer em6290b-x00010427, gasket em6290b-5240111380, o-ring for set w5 em6290b-700429140000, sealing ring 150x7.3 em6290b-5550110259, kit o-ring centrifugal filter for set w6 em6290b-23540304/1, actuating cylinder em6290b-0000982218, o-ring for set w5 em6290b-700429018005, sealing ring for set w5 em6290b-5240160319, washer a cop e
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45588031
Closing Date 18 - Oct - 2021  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply sea water pump(ms-25)complete with 5 hp motor &starter, ball bearing deep groove, sleeve shaft, wearing shaft, disc, socket head bolt coupling, nyloc nut, oil seal, anti vibration mounting.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 42.62 Million approx. / 4.26 Crore approx.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 45643678
Closing Date 18 - Oct - 2021  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of outdoor stadium at rajmahal sahebganj district.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 532 Million / 53.20 Crore
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 45670915
Closing Date 16 - Oct - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Extended protection work to d/s of anandapur barrage from rd 1600m to rd 2500m on the right bank of baitarani river.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Arunachal Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 45578040
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2021  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Formulation of gis based master plan for yachuli township of arunachal pradesh
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 45666293
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2021  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of occupational therapy equipments - fluidotherapy, 10x10 peg board set, graded square peg board, multi shape peg board, sorting matching posting box, counting and color sorting beads set, gripper, gymn kit apparatus, steel peg board, postural training mirror, door latch adl frame set, electro equipment adl frame set, dressing adl frames, paraplegic transfer bed, transfer board, air cast cuff cryocuffic cuff cooler with integated pump.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45574004
Closing Date 14 - Oct - 2021  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of hrc fuse fuse link (16a) el3020b-sf9015ooooos, cctv cameras el3020b-spe0101186822, luminous push button (red)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9b01, shaft speed meter el3020b-ipms1048ia901, vme processor el3020b-ipms101740101, memory card el3020b-spe0101188004, luminous push button (yellow) (dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9e01, 42 ah batteries el3020b-ipms1101c7w01, rectifier unit el3020b-ipms106892l01, mcb 16a dp el3020b-spe0101183275, me speed meter el3020b-spe0101186988, propulsion control pcb dio el3020b-spe0101186899, mccb dl100 63a 3p tm el3020b-sl97807oooo, vme ip carrier el3020b-ipms101020601, door or hatch proximity switch el3020b-ipms1051eqf01, fuselink hf 2a el3020b-sf90144oooo, mcb 4a 2 pole current rating :2a,24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400589, mcb=2a el3020b-spe0101183270, display el3020b-spe0101186983, pressure sensore el3020b-spe0101187013, pressure sensors ( 0 to 10 bar) el3020b-spe0101187012, mcb 6a 2 pole current rating :6a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400591, processor el3020b-spe0101186812, power supply switch box el3020b-ipms1075pu10, buzzer el3020b-ipms1108hnn01, indicating lamp green led el3020b-sh03307, flot level switch el3020b-spe0101187155, indicating lamp blue led el3020b-sh03309, hrc fuse, fuse link (2a) el3020b-sf90144000s, hmi unit for stab el3020b-xl91016, mccb dsine dn3-400n 400a 3p tm (mag 6-10) el3020b-cm94003oor1og, power contractor mnx 40, 415v el3020b-cs94190dooo, luminous push button (green)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9a01, luminous sw push to on/push to off(red)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9f01, modbus card el3020b-ipms106894201, indicating lamp amber led el3020b-sh03308, mcb 4a -2 pole current rating :4a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400590, analog input module el3020b-ipms101020401, battery 26ah,12v el3020b-ipms1062b2e01, cat 6 cable patch chord el3020b-ipms106227801, cat 6 cable el3020b-ipms109222r01, adressable heat detector el3020b-ipms1103eoj01, propulsion control pcb unio el3020b-spe0101186900, auxiliary contactor el3020b-ss94662dooos, ups rectifier pcb el3020b-ltnpvr-unipsu-boenrectif, hrc fuse, fuse link (2a) el3020b-quhf0002acf, control card, gxt mt lb 3000 va el3020b-ipms106891801, mccb-50a el3020b-cm97893oog2, luminous push button (blue)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9d01, hrc fuse fuse link (4a) el3020b-sf90145oooos, mcb 16a 2 pole current rating :16a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400593, mcb 20a 2 pole current rating :20a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400594, c-power acb 800a el3020b-acbssym54-003, acos card, 415v el3020b-acos-card-3ph, adressable combine heat and optical detector el3020b-ipms1103epb01, selector switch (4 positions, 5 poles 16a) el3020b-spe0043131606, charger for data collector unit el3020b-spe0101187427, contactor el3020b-ss946694ooo, dn3-400h non-motorised fixed mccb el3020b-cm94003oor4s, mcb nc202n el3020b-nc202ns, fans el3020b-spe0101186501, control panel t2000 el3020b-ipms1103eob01, exi 800 mx is loop interface el3020b-ipms1103eox01, laser source with lcd display el3020b-spe0101187097, power terminal sterminal 1.5sqmm-6sqmm el3020b-spe0101187778, dc ups el3020b-spe0101113066, jhd202n naval display el3020b-bosrmufnws-bosr20itft, insulation monitor el3020b-spe0101100392, hrc fuse, fuse link (4a) el3020b-quhf0004acf, hrc fuse, fuse link (6a) el3020b-quhf0006acf, ptz camera unit, complete el3020b-ltnpvr-cctvsy-boaxcam213, loop extention card el3020b-ipms1103eow01, auxilary relay mn0 ac(240v) (2no+2nc) cont el3020b-ss94662booo, combinatory lever el3020b-assrpctrlp-bosrcomlev, analog output module el3020b-ipms101020501, do pcb with 16 relays el3020b-ipms101102y01, signal conditioners (i to v) el3020b-ipms1018k3a01, keyboard el3020b-spe0101186799, trackball el3020b-spe0101186865, 32 channel di pcb el3020b-ipms1019l3j01.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45587945
Closing Date 14 - Oct - 2021  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply 24v dc relay board 2ch. oen ma ek3010b-kv885305000, relay board ul make 4 chanel 24 vdc ek3010b-f608605000, starter ring (t/c no 68f6362360 ek3010b-f653702000, speed control unit ecd card 5111 ek3010b-f661402000, magnetic pick up dual type with two connector ek3010b-f674114000, switch thermostat temp ek3010b-3904009000, charging alternator ek3010b-f606374000, starter motor delco remy ek3010b-f606375000, locating bearing es6031d-517075, labyrinth disc es6031d-517089, locating ring es6031d-520035, ring nut es6031d-520038, intermediate ring es6031d-520039, o ring an26, 60c7 es6031d-7606402000, injector gasket es6031d-7904118000, bs ring es6031d-7904117000, nozzle assly -9 x 0.52 x 148 es6031d-7606409000, seal, l=1.21 mtr es6031d-7603702000, bush es6031d-7910103000, o ring for inspection door - l=1300 mm long es6031d-7435715000, joint es6031d-7428022000, mechanical seal eagle es6031d-7602465000, o ring es6031d-7602463000, o-ring es6031d-7426618000, 2 lips oil seal es6031d-7602458000, bearing es6031d-7602467000, bearing es6031d-7602461000, o-ring ann74 nse 6.5 60c7 es6031d-7906819000, washer bsf es6031d-7602452000, o ring es6031d-7426513000, o ring an47, 60c7 es6031d-7604791000, o ring es6031d-7908706000, gasket es6031d-7442367000, gasket es6031d-7604710000, gasket es6031d-7604708000, set of seal for gali starter es6031d-7600935000, solenoid valve-24v es6031d-7600977000, set of seal for glacier filter es6031d-7215275000, set of gasket-moatti fuel filter hyd. motor es6031d-7446910000, joint type c with limiter es6031d-7607022000, metallic joint es6031d-7603510000, o ring d290*3v 70d es6031d-7607019000, expansion bellow es6031d-7607102000, metallic joint es6031d-7607105000, o ring d264x3 v70d es6031d-7607120000, expansion bellow-t/c air outlet es6031d-7607122000, joint type c with limiter es6031d-7607603000, o ring an33 7pb 496 es6031d-7228510000, o ring es6031d-7435812000, ball bearing-3206 es6031d-7604370000, lock washer pair es6031d-506107, hexagon bolt es6031d-513022, lock washer pair es6031d-513024, hexagon bolt es6031d-513025, shroud ring with fittings parts es6031d-513508, metallic joint es6031d-7607103000, lock washer pair es6031d-545428, sealing disc es6031d-546050, lub oil priming pump set es6031d-8169510000.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45600519
Closing Date 14 - Oct - 2021  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply av mount,30diax30ht,m8 both side er6151b-102000501002, control transformer er6151b-101101650010, reverse vane impeller, p#2b er6151b-100125101032, o-ring bearing housing, p#33b er6151b-100125101049, deflector p#40 er6151b-100125101050, o ring hp connection er6151b-100601611007, lp hose 25mm id bare hose er6151b-101700501001, kit repair er6151b-100103001046, gland for mech seal, p#17b er6151b-100125101037, pressure guage er6150b-104-285, bearing lock washer, p#69 er6151b-100125101055, cover gasket , p#73 er6151b-100125101056, av mount for pk20 er6151b-102000501003, electrical spare kit for ro 1530 er6151b-132900402003, hp pump discharge manifold er6150b-206438, rubber hose from c/f outlet to hp pump inlet(20/30tpd) er6150b-702201, pulley spa 118 x 3 groove er6150b-205014, module bypass nozzle er6151b-100802302002, permeate male elbow er6151b-100805214201, potention meter er6151b-101102235001, victualic coupling er6150b-00311, oil drain plug, p#19c er6151b-100125101043, prefilter pump er6151b-100125101001, circlip internal, p#18b er6151b-100125101040, motor 415v 6p 7.5 kw sidetb er6151b-100300211131, s.s jubilee clips, 1x , (30 mm to 40 mm) er6150b-501005, cartridge filter elements er6151b-301016, ceramic plunger er6150b-206427, o ring overhauling kit er6150b-206696, nozzleset for filter consist of filterhead,tube,strainer er6150b-302503, coupler for victaulic coupling 1" er6150b-706001, lip seal dt module/groove ring gasket flange/sealing er6150b-100601711001, nitrogen gas cylinder regulator er6150b-104410, deep groove ball bearing er6150b-202318, bearing ring, rotating er6150b-202620, abs service kit er6150b-203005a, valve kit for hp pump er6150b-206102, kit wear parts er6151b-100100103033, kit shaft seal er6151b-100100103066, ho pump seat kit er6151b-100200131901, hop pump valve kit er6151b-100200131902, filter element er6151b-100401002101, connector straight er6151b-100805414003, solenoide valve er6151b-100902101009, level switches for cleaning tank er6151b-101200502011, level switches for permeate tank er6151b-101200502012, hp pump motor pulley 10s er6151b-101900102018, victauling coupling 1/4 er6150b-204912, bearing hp pump er6150b-206110, bearing case shim 1/2 circle er6150b-206414, h.p pump c`case oil er6150b-402101, dt module 4 tpd/ekm subs er6150b-601133, flexible pipe- pu4 er6150b-100802114101, hp pump spacer with coil spring er6150b-206442, valve set er6150b-206602, hp pump discharge manifold er6150b-206638, spacer with coil springs er6150b-206642, compressed air regulator er6151b-100925001001, hp hose raw water/brine 2500l er6151b-101800504002, low pressure seal er6150b-206632, cartridge filter er6150b-301015, pressure gauge for air regulator er6151b-101200102002, e-spare kit ro 30 tpd er6150b-102302, electric spare kit for ro 200 er6150b-102304, quick acting coupling er6150b-204901, taper bush 2517 bore 35 mm er6150b-205113, hp pump female adapter er6150b-206435, plunger rod pin er6150b-206620, module bypass nozzle er6150b-502261, dt module tool kit er6150b-902003, jubilee clip 40mm er6150b-bea01386, pressure switch er6150b-mda01115, hp pump driving belt set er6150b-705003, lp hose (for air line) er6150b-702244, brine r/w hp flexible hose-xl er6150b-702134, membrane solution 44 er6150b-che00083, breather, p#45 er6151b-100125101051, lip seal(i.b.), p#47 er6151b-100125101052, lip seal (o.b.), p#49 er6151b-100125101053, mech seal, p#60 er6151b-100125101054, victualic coupling 1" er6151b-100803116001, pulsation damper er6151b-100210204001, hp pump inlet manifold er6150b-206631, non return valve 3/8"(f) er6150b-100922102001, prefilter / filter pump shaft seal er6150b-202601, oil seal plunger rod er6150b-206119, oil seal crankshaft er6150b-206415, bearing case er6150b-206416, seal kit er6150b-206601, s.s. jubilee clips, 22 mm to 30 mm er6150b-501004, high pressure manifold 3 x 2 arrangement er6150b-502251, disc tube module er6150b-601169, hp pump driving belt set er6150b-705106, flexible tubing pu 9 er6150b-scm01173, kit ignition spare r.o 1530-51000 er6150b-zaza00364, seal booster pump shaft er6150b-zpk00196, shaft seal er6151b-100125101022, hp pump inlet manifold er6150b-206431, oil seal crank case er6150b-206622, adaptor (h.p.pump) er6150b-206635, male adaptor er6150b-206637, pl-4 hose(mtrs) er6150b-503114, o ring cartridge filter housing er6151b-100400401502, groove ring gasket flange er6151b-100601711001, flow switch er6151b-100700405004, smcv valve unit for 3/4' valve er6151b-100900305012, smcv actuator unit er6151b-100900305106, mcb 2 amp er6151b-101100705003, hrc fuse 2 amp er6151b-101101305901, fuse - 6 amps er6151b-101101305903, adaptor for hp discharge ro 1530 er6151b-130802604018, main switch 63amp er6151b-415v-p3-63-ea-svb, pulley spa 250 x 3 groove er6150b-205013, prefilter pumpmotor set of ball bearing er6150b-205302, seal kit for hp pump er6150b-206101, valve kit for hp pump er6150b-206202, hp pump anode plugs er6150b-206497, anode plug(zinc anode) er6150b-206697, ss j
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